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Millions of people will go to a mall today. Malls may increasingly turn their surface parking lots into space that emphasizes walking rather than driving. The Beijing Great Gold Mall also known as the Golden Resources Mall; at the time of its opening in 2004-2005, it was the biggest shopping mall in China.

Opened as the first multi-storey shopping mall in Singapore in 1974, Plaza Singapura has gone through a renaissance of sorts. A customer wants to be well served in their shopping needs and feel good about it when they visit your property. Simon Property Group's Les Morris says that his company's Mills properties—hybrids of full-scale malls and outlets—feature such entertainments as LegoLand, aquariums, and Medieval Times.

With apps and technology to serve up deals to customers the minute they step through the doors, malls are firmly embracing the smart phone crowd. Wi-Fi analytics, for instance, can reveal what websites shoppers are visiting, thus providing insights into what people are looking at while traveling within a particular area of the mall.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, "malls" are commonly referred to as shopping centres. The older method is to compare the total area devoted to parking with the net retail area of the stores. Ideal Shopping Direct, the independent TV and online shopping company, testified that its total sales expanded by 13.5% in the last year.

From just three malls in 1999, the country at present has nearly 200 operational malls providing nearly 87 million square feet of mall space ( Images Research, 2007 ). The year 2007 saw mall development growing at a rate of 76 per cent. Department stores are also dedicating more square footage to food by adding and expanding restaurants.

The project is a continuation of our commitment to elevate our shopping and dining experience for our customers," Saldaña said. In a Cannon Hill Shopping Centre center which offers only an uncomfortable walk through a sea of parked cars, the limit that people can reasonably be expected to walk is about 350 feet.

The now outmoded idea of malls as places for retailers to push out product offerings into a mass market must be replaced by a pull-marketing approach where the mall is designed around the needs and interests of an increasingly diverse consumer market, often segmented by age, ethnicity and locality.

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