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1. Installation

Whether you assemble your wc bowl and tank before or when you attach the bottom is really a matter of preference, but doing it beforehand can conserve some frustration and make it simpler to align everything. Most manufacturers includes most of the required equipment, along with a basic assembly. Remember, don't over tighten up peanuts and screws, or perhaps you may crack the porcelain.

2. Prepare or change the flange

As soon as you eliminate your old lavatory, you will see the circular flange. You can also spot the wax ring that is old. Scrape this down (you'll replace it later on), and look for any cracks. If you don't, then you definitely're good to go! Otherwise, choose up a flange repair kit from your local hardware store and follow the easy directions.

3. Position bolts

Self-adjusting bolts are most readily useful, since you will not have to worry about utilizing bolt cutters to trim length that is away excess. Slide one bolt into each part of the flange, and washers that are fit to the base.

4. Position the wax ring

Fit the wax ring over the flange, so it rests snugly between your two bolts. Make sure it is entirely also to prevent leaks that are nasty.
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