The Genuine Handcrafted Authentic Viking Drinking Horn XL Tankard For Beer Mead Ale

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We continue to be students of mezcal, pulque and other agave-based industries in Mexico, no matter how much we think we know. Get our most unique luxury Alehorns for you or as a gift to your Friends and Family. Historians have found many different types of grooming implements that Viking people (both men and women) would use to keep themselves clean and stylish. AleHorn Printable coupons aren't available on GetBestStuff as we only list coupons and promo codes that can be used and redeemed online.

Although many people get appealed to this idea and buy a drinking horn stand horn, they usually don't know how to clean a drinking horn. This enables the grower to sustain himself and gain an income while waiting for his agave to mature and then either be harvested for his own production of mezcal, or sold to a palenquero.

Every horn is uniquely colored given the free range of Ox they are sourced from (As this is made of natural horn, SIZE DOES VARY),100% SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED - Be wary of buying forged products. Save huge deal of money by using AleHorn Coupons, Vouchers, AleHorn Coupons, Promo Codes and Deals.

All Drink ware is handcrafted from 100% natural horn that has been shaped as a perfect replica of a medieval style drinking horn. A well sized Drinking Horn made from real Buffalo Horns and OX Horn. Enjoy Game of Thrones or Vikings properly with the original AleHorn mug.

AleHorn - Water Buffalo Horn Drinking Mug Tankard - 100% Natural Horn 100% Water Buffalo Horn with Acrylic base;Sealed and safe for liquids on the inside, semi-polished on the outside;Holds approximately 16oz;Cut to measure 6 inches in height. They will no doubt Love A New alehorn.; Food Safe Coating - Each Tankard is hand made with the outmost Care.

With a guaranteed 100% satisfaction and an easy return policy we always ensure that the quality of OX horn stein is completely genuine. EACH HORN MUG A UNIQUE PIECE OF ART: Each of our Viking drink horn tankards is made of an ox horn by hand while listening to Viking metal and singing praises to Thor.

The inner walls are fully polished and sealed, while the outer walls are slightly worked to remain textured. I recently bought a drinking horn and the horn has a curve at the pointed bit and so whenever I have it sitting in it's stand, its natural resting spot is on it's side so naturally it'll shift to it's side and spill liquid everywhere.

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