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Weighing in at around 825 kilograms, or more or less 1820 pounds, the 1.4-liter engine, making 310 horsepower at 8,000 RPM, is enough to get Naumann's small Polo that is front-wheel-drive scooting like the piglet attempting to escape its death via tickling, and its power-to-weight ratio clocks in at around 341 hp per ton, or the same as compared to a Nissan GT-R.

YouTube channel HillClimb Monsters uploaded, because of the permission of the owner regarding the video that is original a highlight reel of a few of Naumann's supercharged Group H VW Polo screeching up a hill at a conference in 2015, and it makes some of us during the Drive consider happening a crusade against turbocharging, simply so we are able to hear more whining like this (though some regarding the War Zone's articles elicit such a effect from numerous Facebook commenters.)

Unfortuitously, the uploader with this video states that Naumann is in poor health, and fighting for their life. For the sake of Naumann, and his Polo that is magnificent hope he survives to race once again. People and their custom-engineered race cars don't deserve to be so cruelly parted. Godspeed, Herr Naumann.

I have fabricated some brackets and fixed an AMR500 supercharger to cool side of Mazda MX5. Made the throttled volume small, and got it in a nice package that is tight. Have actually a bypass working for 100% boost dump at idle, progressively shutting around half throttle.
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Growling - Occurs when debris within the supercharger causes the rotor to hit the housing.

Clacking - If this condition occurs at idle but goes away under load then it has an idle problem. Then the coupler may be damaged if the issue continues after engine rev.

Whistling - Supercharger units develop a whistling noise from the air going through the unit though if the sound is extremely noisy there may be a vacuum drip.

Gear Whine - Gear whine is generally because of age but the majority commonly happens when the device is run without oil.

Sound Increase - A smaller pulley will create more noise as a result of the increased motion of the atmosphere through the system.

Simply Noisy - Many times the supercharger is blamed for noise and needs to be examined by hand to find out when it is indeed the foundation for the sound.

Vibration - This is never because of the supercharger device since the unit is balanced. The vibration could be the engine.

Of course with any part this is a idea that is good have the vehicle examined with a licensed mechanic before deciding about restoring or replacing a supercharger product.

Hey guys, I simply bought a 2005 cobalt ss a months that are few and was wondering making the supercharger whine louder. The car is 100% stock without any gm stage improvements. I saw a ss last night at a vehicle show when he left the supercharger sounded pretty sweet. Is it simply an after market consumption system that produces the sound? if we change the intake does that mean I have to get various injectors and retune the computer? I no absolutely nothing about these computer automobiles. I race a 9 vette that is second the strip but its a carb setup therefore going from that for this is foreign in my experience. I do not want to go too crazy with this specific vehicle I can do that makes the car whine I would love to do it because it is my daily driver but if there is a simple mod. By simple I dont mean inexpensive I mean easy.

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